Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sister Friend Thursdays - Sweet Treats

I was invited to 5 weddings this summer. WHHHHHHHAT you say??? It's true. Tis the season! I enjoy weddings, however I didn't enjoy the drain it had on my wallet this summer but hey - it's what you do for someone else's love because you love the couple or you're related to them so you don't have a choice.

I always get a little "verklempt'' when I see the bride walk down the isle looking so beautiful (but really, if I see someone else is crying or even just tearing up I'm done for. Hand over the kleenex!).  Of course, everyone wants to be at the reception because it's a party (side note - I have been to wedding receptions which have been the opposite of a party, definitely NOT my favorite and when that happens I want to stab myself in the eye with a fork because that seems more fun).

What's my favorite part of the reception aside from the dancing, wine and laughter? Why the dessert of course! I have an insatiable sweet tooth and that does not bode well for the amateur baker in me. There are so many different options now instead of having only the traditional wedding cakes and the presentations are amazing! A lot of couples are opting for dessert tables that offer much more variety rather than just cake. Check these out...

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UMMMMM - I'm hungry now...
Until next time!

Sister Friend

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sister Friend Thursdays on a Friday

Big Sister is on the hunt for a dress. What bride isn't? I was actually lucky enough to tag along with Big Sister on one of her hunting expeditions a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun!

I wonder what she would think of this up and coming designer from Portland, Sarah Seven.  I'm seeing this girl's bridal dresses everywhere! There are definitely a few cute little numbers in her regular spring 2010 collection I'd like to see hanging in my closet and her bridal collection is gorgeous. These custom made dresses can be made in a colour to your taste, and as she says on her website - just ask! She uses natural fabrics, silk, wool, linens, cotton voile as well as recycled vintage fabrics AND she gives 5% of all her sales to charity!

Check out a few of her bridal gowns - they are so lovely!
Old New Borrowed Blue - $1,300 USD

White Wedding - $1,400 USD

Rosy Posy - $1,250 USD

What about these for bridesmaid gowns or even a fancy schmancy get together or event?

Butterscotch - $595 USD

Pretty Please - $505 USD

Midnight Stroll - $1,200 USD

Tulip - $475

Robins Egg - $385 USD

Until next time!!

Sister Friend

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