Monday, June 21, 2010


Weddings. At first I thought they were too fussy. Everything having to be perfect, which FYI is next to impossible when it comes to such lavish affairs. I was also pretty young when I made this decision, with no future husband at my side to ever give my mind a reason to wander into the Land of Nuptials.

But then my Best Friend got married. She had a backyard Wedding at her childhood cottage. It was sunny the day before her wedding and the day after. But not the day of. It rained, and it was cold...and it was the most beautiful wedding I had ever been to. Perfect until the very last hug at the end of the night.
It's been wedding after wedding ever since, each one as unique as the couples getting married. A police escort for one Bride, a hilarious and lighthearted (and yes, planned ahead) Vegas Wedding for my Aunt & Uncle, a Water Front Ceremony with a singing Bride, a dreamy Stanley Park Wedding with every gorgeous Bell & Whistle polished.

In 2009, it was my turn. I married my handsome husband in a no-frills affair in Hawaii. No cake, no centerpieces, no bouquet toss. Just how we wanted it. Yet it took a full year of decisions, phone calls, researching, planning planning planning. I was warned that I couldn't prepare a perfect day and to just let the little things slide. But our day was perfect. Hollywood perfect. I see Weddings in a whole new way now that I've experienced it as The Bride. It truly is a personal, meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime moment: your very own Fairy Tale come true.

And now my sister is engaged to her personal Knight in Shining Armor. Literally. He sword fights! One of the most romantic, unplanned proposals I have ever heard of. I want their Wedding to be as romantic as they are, as quirky as they are, a dream customized for 2. I'm not sure who's more excited (them or me) but I'm thrilled that they might let me into their Horse Drawn Carriage of a ride to the finish line, even if I'm just hanging off the back.

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