Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Disney Inspired - Ariel

It's now time for our favorite redheaded Disney character. The Little Mermaid turned princess (with legs) - Ariel!! I remember seeing this film in the theatre - I loved it. I loved it because Ariel was a redhead and she had cool what's it's and who's it's galore. (I happen to be a redhead as well, although I was a decidedly uncool, scrawny redhead - Ariel and Jessica Rabbit somehow made it a bit easier to be a redhead back then.) She was a dreamer and always wanted more and that's what she got. And how about that crazy Sea Witch character, good ol' Walt sure knows how to make his baddies bad! Is it weird that I had such a crush on Prince Eric? Yup - super weird. He was an animated character and I crushed on him like crazy. ANYHOOO.....

Here are the Disney, Ariel inspired wedding dresses. I really like the detailing on a couple of them.

Sea inspired colours for the bridesmaid dresses
And of course the mermaid style flower girl dress
 all disney dress photos: disneybridal
I found this style board for a little inpsiration and click here for the details

You could go with a number of decor ideas for your reception. Blues, purples, greens - anything sea inspired - anything to make your guests feel like they are dining "Under da sea.."

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