Saturday, July 3, 2010

While Little Sister's Away....

Sister Friend will PLAY!!!! Little Sister is away for a few weeks and will be blogging intermittently but instead of just posting on Thursdays - I'll be posting a bit more until she's back. SO - this is more for Little Sister (who loves all things Disney) than Big Sister but still fun. The powers that be at Disney have decided to branch out a bit further into the wonderful world of WEDDINGS....that's right, they now have an official wedding dress designer - all wedding dresses are inspired by the Disney Princesses (Well, OF COURSE). For the next little while, I will feature a princess a post. How does that sound?

We shall begin with one of my favorites, Cinderella. 

How about these Cinderella inspired dresses by Kristie Kelly for Disney?

What about these hot little numbers in place of a glass slipper?

photos: weheartit
 I LOVE the red fact I want them right now. 

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