Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sister Friend Thursdays

Call me "Sister Friend".
I am not married, however I spent most of my teen years as a wedding singer - I've played at countless weddings plus I think I'm pretty outstanding at attending them. A good source of income although if I ever hear 'Canon in D' ever, ever again....

Today we shall talk about wedding music. Now...BIG Sister is getting married and from what I understand - it's a Fairy Tale, Medieval themed shin dig. When I was thinking about this post, a particular movie came to mind. A 2001 film - A Knight's Tale with Heath Ledger (RIP). What I particularly liked about this movie is that it had "Fairy Tale / Medieval" like qualities with modern flavour, great fashion and music (not to mention it was pretty funny). How cool would it be to have Big Sister, fiancé and their wedding party perform this David Bowie song at their reception complete with the choreography?? (By the way - I will not post any animated Walt Disney fairy tale clips as Little Sister won't get any work done and she'll just watch the clips over and over again and sing along with them)

I definitely suggest watching A Knight's Tale for inspiration for some Fairy Tale-ish / Medieval wedding and music ideas. Whaddaya say?? Maybe invite me over to watch.... I'll bring the cupcakes.


  1. Now to find the movie and set it up.... ooooh Peter says that and Princess Bride!

    Big sister