Monday, July 5, 2010

Disney Inspired - Sleeping Beauty

Here she is....Princess Aurora, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty.  (What I'd like to know is why are princesses wearing pink or blue! Must be some prerequisite to princessing or something)

Here's some of the Sleeping Beauty Inspired Dresses by Disney
 But wait.....there's mooooooooooore! Disney has also started designing bridesmaid dresses to compliment the wedding dresses - here's a couple of my favorites although I'm not terribly sure about the brown colour but the dress is really cute. The black dress would make a lovely wedding dress if it were white, cream or even a really light yellow.


Tell me, what little girl wouldn't want to be a flower princess girl in this Sleeping Beauty inspired flower girls dress. CUTEST

Now....what would Sleeping Beauty's reception look like. Well, since we've already established that Princesses seem to go with pink or blue what if we threw a curve ball into that and went...wait for it....wait for it....GOLD. But if you reeeeeally wanted pink, here's your princess pink decor ideas as well.

S'all for now, kids! Sister friend's out!


  1. Love it!! Like, seriously. The first dress - i'd wear it to a Ball. If I were to get invited to one.

  2. I'll host a ball, and I'll invite you, howz about that?